Get QueryString values using JavaScript

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Get QueryString values using JavaScript

For reading QueryString in JavaScript. We will create a name value collection and then retrieving the specific key from that array or collection. For that first create a JavaScript function as below to read querystring in javascript. This Trick wil help the developers in real world conditions

        function getQueryStrings() {
                //Holds key:value pairs
                var queryString = null;
                //Get querystring from url
                var requestUrl =;
                if (requestUrl != '') {
                // returns the part of the URL 
                //that follows the ? symbol, including the ? symbol
                requestUrl = requestUrl.substring(1);
                queryString = new Array();
                //Get key:value pairs from querystring
                var Pairs = requestUrl.split('&');
                for (var i = 0; i < Pairs.length; i++) {
                var Pair = Pairs[i].split('=');
                    queryString[Pair[0]] = Pair[1];
                return queryString;

Consider an example URL that reads Next JavaScript function will read the array using the name of the QueryString as below

  1         function myfunction() {
  2             var queryString = getQueryStrings();
  4             //if nothing found in querystring
  5             if (queryString == null) {
  6                 alert('no querystring found');
  7                 return;
  8             }
 10             //URL format:
 11             alert(queryString['Q1']);
 12             alert(queryString['Q2']);
 13         }

Then place input button to see the QueryString values as below

  1   "Button1" type="button" value="Click me!!!" onclick="myfunction()" />

Complete Source Codes

  1 "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

""> 34Get QueryString values using JavaScript 5 46 47

48 "Button1" type="button" value="Click me!!!" onclick="myfunction()" /> 49



Output will be like this....

Alternate Text

So In this article we learn how we can read QueryString in JavaScript, stay tuned for much and more excited articles on JavaScript.

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